Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tribute to Bram at Keva - TONIGHT 4/29

A message from Bram's brother, Paul and his best friend, Brian Feyrer:

As you are all aware by now, we have lost an incredible friend, brother, teammate, and person. 

Tonight we are having a Tribute for Bram at Keva Sports Center:
Tuesday, April 29th
Keva Sports Center - 8312 Forsythia St in Middleton

Some will be playing soccer. So if you're a player feel free to bring your gear (preferably the orange of the Dutch National Soccer team) and honor Bram and Shari's memory. We will also be hanging out afterwards to be together and honor their wonderful lives.

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Children of Shari and Bram Fund

A fund has been set up in the names of Shari and Bram's children at First Business Bank. Donations can be made in a few ways:
  • Visit First Business Bank's tribute page and donate with your Paypal account: www.firstbusiness.com/campaign/shariandbram
  • Walk into any First Business Bank location and donate to "The Children of Shari & Bram Fund"  (locations here)
  • Mail donations to:
    The Children of Shari & Bram Fund
    c/o First Business Bank
    P.O. Box 44961
    Madison, WI  53744
On behalf of Shari and Bram's family, thank you so much!


Update from Bram's Sister, Tessa

Late Thursday evening, Bram was airlifted to Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee. Doctors were surprised that he had survived the crash with such injuries. He sustained severe brain trauma and a collapsed lung. Aside from the severe fractures to his skull, and the collapsed lung, Bram did not have other injuries. From the very beginning, doctors made it clear that Bram would not be able to survive from his injuries. Paul and Case were in the Netherlands at the time of the crash and arrived in Milwaukee with Annemarie on Saturday evening. Tessa, Shari's family, and dozens of Bram and Shari's friends were by his side in the meantime. 
On Saturday evening, Bram and Shari's families made the decision to start the process of organ donation. By 5:00pm on Sunday, an organ transplant team was set and the recipients were on stand by. At 5:30pm Bram was taken off life support. Bram was surrounded by our families until he peacefully passed 40 minutes later, without signs of struggle or discomfort. Bram and Shari are together again, which brings a lot of peace of mind. 

Today we received a phone call that Bram was able to save 3 lives by means of donating his lungs and two kidneys. Shari was able to donate skin, heart valves, and her corneas.
Bram and Shari are together shining their light down upon Wesley and Charlotte.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Your Generous Offers

There have been many offers for:

-meal delivery
-breast milk donation
-doggy daycare
-memorial fund options
-baby supply donations

They aren't going unrecognized.  We'll figure out the best way to organize these efforts soon and keep all channels updated.  Make sure to keep checking Facebook and this blog.

UPDATE 4/29 : There have been a lot of offers for breast milk donations. We know how much time and effort goes into pumping and storing breast milk, so we are truly humbled by these offers.  As of right now we are not collecting breastmilk, and instead are keeping a list of all the offers we have gotten and will contact you if needed.  Thank you so much.

Memorial Fund

A lot of people have been asking about a memorial fund for the kids.  We are actively working on this and will post an update when a trusted collection is set up.  This is in the beginning stages, so if anyone is an expert in this area please reach out to us at shariandbram@gmail.com. Ideally, it would be a bank without fees that can take online and international donations.

Memory Book

Many of you have been sharing some wonderful memories of Shari and Bram - all of which will someday be treasured by their beautiful children, Wesley and Charlotte. We would like to organize these memories for them so that when they are old enough, they will get a sense of their incredible parents.  

Here is what you can do:

Email submissions to shariandbram@gmail.com with the subject: "Memory Book"
  • If you have posted something on Facebook, copy and paste it or take a screenshot and paste it into an email
  • Memories (no matter how small it is) of Shari and/or Bram talking about Wesley and/or Charlotte - what they liked to do with the kids, how they felt about them, etc.
  • Memories and stories of the kind of people Shari and Bram were that you would want Wesley and Charlotte to know
If you would like to mail items, email us and we will let you know where to send them.
Feel free to send multiple emails and submissions.  We know how memories can come and go and it feels good to record it before it is lost.  

We truly appreciate your contributions to this invaluable project, so please share this with anyone who may want to participate.

Check here for updates

Friends and family of Shari and Bram:

This will be a place that everyone can visit for updates and efforts to help Wesley and Charlotte, the Khajas and the Dorresteijns.

Please check back often.  Updates will be posted on Shari and Bram's Facebook wall also.

If you have anything you want to add, please email it to : shariandbram@gmail.com