Sunday, April 27, 2014

Memory Book

Many of you have been sharing some wonderful memories of Shari and Bram - all of which will someday be treasured by their beautiful children, Wesley and Charlotte. We would like to organize these memories for them so that when they are old enough, they will get a sense of their incredible parents.  

Here is what you can do:

Email submissions to with the subject: "Memory Book"
  • If you have posted something on Facebook, copy and paste it or take a screenshot and paste it into an email
  • Memories (no matter how small it is) of Shari and/or Bram talking about Wesley and/or Charlotte - what they liked to do with the kids, how they felt about them, etc.
  • Memories and stories of the kind of people Shari and Bram were that you would want Wesley and Charlotte to know
If you would like to mail items, email us and we will let you know where to send them.
Feel free to send multiple emails and submissions.  We know how memories can come and go and it feels good to record it before it is lost.  

We truly appreciate your contributions to this invaluable project, so please share this with anyone who may want to participate.

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