Sunday, June 1, 2014

Thirty One Fundraiser Details - June 1st-27th

Stranger-friend*, Becky Kojis Bergemann is hosting an online Thirty One fundraiser where 100% of her commission will be donated to the fund. When Becky approached us about doing this, she mentioned that Shari and Bram's story really touched her. She is a mother of three and she thought that if something like this happened to her, she would hope that her family and friends would do what they could to help in the way everyone has for Shari and Bram. Even though she not a family member, nor was she a friend, she wanted to do her part. So wonderful.

We know there are a lot of peeps out there who love Thirty One, so if you have your eye on something now is the time to get it!

How to shop: 
1. Go to
2. Click on "my parties"
3. Click on "shop now" across from Shari and Bram Fundraiser

To receive correspondence from Becky about specials this month and other details, join the Thirty One Facebook event. This event is by invite only. If you have not received an invitation and would like one, let us know! (Accepting this event does not mean you have to buy something - it will just allow you to receive updates from Becky)

*A stranger-friend is a person who did not know Shari or Bram, but has opened their hearts to the situation and has come forth to help Wesley, Charlotte and the Grunzels. They are now a friend.

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